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             EMf frequency's are all around us. EMF is abbreviation for electric and magnetic fields. As humans we are exposed to harmful levels of toxic radiation each day and most of us do not realize. EMF is invisible areas of energy. Often referred to as Radiation, that is associated with the use of electrical power and various forms of natural and man-made lighting.

"What is EMf " you ask? Power in our homes and business's all need electricity. Electricity fields contain electromagnetic radiation anytime you have a power source plugged in and it is being used. Wiring errors can cause high EMF fields. Electric motors in appliances and electric vehicles can contain high levels of EMF. AC electric fields are present even when there is nothing plugged in or being used in a circuit. Sleeping in a AC field has been found by building biologists to be a health risk.

Radio frequency and microwave exposure is present from cell phones towers, wifi, cell phone, 3G,   4G, 5G, and radar.

Building biologists have developed guidelines for safe levels of exposure.

Eleven Eleven Electric specializes in scanning with a milligauss Meter in your home or business. We want to first check your exposure and make sure there are no wiring errors thoughout your home or electrical panels. Also making a map of the home and levels of each room giving you a total precentage of exposure and where the homes hot spots are. We will give recommendations when ever possible  to lower your exposure to these harmful fields.

Building Biology Guidelines

Ac Electric field strength potential free Sleeping Areas: Volts/Meter  V/m     No concern 0.3V/m    slight concern 0.3-1.5V/m Severe Concern 1.5-10V/m Extreme concern 10+V/m

Ac Magnetic fields: MilliGauss mV  No concern 0.2mV Slight Concern 0.2-1.0mV Sever Concern 1.o-5.0mV Extreme concern 5.0+mV

Radio Frequency: micro Watts/sqaure meter uW/m2 No concern 0.1 Slight concern 0.1-10 Sever concern 10-1,000 Extreme concern 1,000+

We have a affiliate program with Safe living technologies for all your EMF protection and EMF meters.

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